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30 Day Summer Body Challenge

30 Day Summer Body Challenge

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Not quite ready to bare your almost-all in a tank top, short-shorts, or bikini?

Even if you have no intention of showing more skin this summer, consider this program your wake-up call to re-charge your motivation and rev up your results.

These workouts are a time-efficient way to help you increase your lean muscle while shedding fat.


Clean up your diet too with a 4 week meal plan and you can expect to see up to 2-3lbs of fat loss per week, along with increased muscle definition and strength gains.

🌞 30-Day Summer Body Challenge Rules 🌞

Ready to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and win some amazing prizes? Here’s everything you need to know:

Weekly Task Points:

• Completing 3 Workouts Per Week: Earn 12 points each week for completing at least three workouts. Any form of workout counts – gym sessions, home workouts, yoga, cycling, you name it!
• Eating at Least 7 Servings of Fruits/Vegetables Per Week: Add 7 points to your weekly total for incorporating at least seven servings of fruits or vegetables into your diet throughout the week.
• Drinking 2 Liters of Water Per Day: Stay hydrated and earn 1 point every day you drink at least 2 liters of water, summing up to a potential 5 points per week.
• Logging a Minimum of 42 Hours of Sleep Per Week: Prioritize rest and gain 6 points weekly by ensuring you get at least 49 hours of sleep over the week.

You can earn up to a total of 30 points per week!!🔥💪🏽

Submission Guidelines:

• Weekly Totals Submission: Compile your weekly points and submit them along with proof of completed tasks by Sunday 12pm EST each week.
• Proof of Completed Tasks: Acceptable proofs include photo/video submissions of your workouts, meals, or sleep log and screenshots from digital tracking apps showcasing your water intake and sleep hours.
• Submission Channel: Send your weekly totals and proof to me directly via Messenger.

Determining Winners:

• At the end of the 30-day challenge, points will be tallied to determine the winners based on their total points.
• Winners Announcement: Winners will be announced within 72 hours after the challenge concludes. Keep an eye on our TransformHER community Facebook group for the big reveal!


🔥• First Place Winner: Receives a $100 Amazon gift card.🤑
• Runner Up: Wins a $50 Amazon gift card.🤑🔥

Important Notes:

• Make sure to log your activities accurately and honestly – this challenge is about personal improvement and healthy habits.
• Stay engaged and motivate your fellow participants. Let’s make this a supportive and positive experience for everyone!
• Any questions or need clarification? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ready to transform your lifestyle and possibly win some fantastic prizes? Let’s make these next 30 days amazing!


Plan to do two days of total-body strength training and one day of HIIT.  Start each workout with the Dynamic Warm up to get you ready for the heavier work ahead. Time tight? You can also layer the HIIT session onto one of the existing strength days.

For strength workouts, make sure to include resting 30 seconds after each. On days with fewer reps, increase the weight. Avoid doing strength workouts on consecutive days.

**Exercises and meal plans will be provided upon purchase.

**Nutrition Guideline w/ Grocery Shopping Guide also included

You will also be given access to a community support group with like-minded women for motivation and support by joining the TransformHER community page on Facebook and also for prize announcements!🤩🤑


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